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Bitcoin IS a safe haven asset, but not in a way you may think.

With the recent equity and crypto markets taking heavy losses i see many people blaming btc for failing the test as a safe haven asset.
What those people are failing to consider is what they actually mean by the term "safe haven asset".
When the global markets take the elavator down there is very few tools that can ptotect your wealth, like cash and t-bills. Gold, what many people think to be the ultimate safe haven, also drops big time. Look at the crash of 2008. When people panic, they sell.
However, a market crash does not equal a financial recession. The recession comes AFTER the markets crash. And this is precisely the time when assets like gold perform the best.
In times when people are not in panic mode triggered by the acute market drop, but rather start to ratinally doubt the stability of the monetary/fiat system with growing unemployment, foreclosures etc that FOLLOW a significant market crash, do they actually consider abandoning and fearing fiat system and flowing to what they think would save their wealth.
Bitcoin is not fundamentally designed to be a safe haven in a market crash, it is designed to be a safehaven when the monetary system is failing.
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So, here's everything that happened so far on stream

It's been a very long stream so far and I'm kind of tired so please forgive me if I made mistakes. I'll try to update this as new things happen. Feel free to tell me if I missed anything or if I got something wrong.
Timestamp Description
00h00m00s Stream starts
02h31m15s PK walks in, gets something from below flag and puts it near the ammo boxes, walks out and brings in an rpg, a modded ak, and hangs something above the gunrack. Proceeds to sit down at laptop. After a while he puts on his sunglasses and leaves
03h56m08s PK walks in puts radio on the table, hangs his jacket. Gets out a foldable bed in front of the table, places his 1911,mag and sunglasses on the table and proceeds to take a nap.
06h19m38s PK is contacted on the radio. He gets up, gears up and cleans the table of clutter. A soldier with a black mask walks in (i am asuming it's one of his guards). They talk, PK investigates his surroundings a bit, then screws in a lightbulb and leaves with the guard.
06h23m38s PK and his guard bring in a large green wooden crate. Guard leaves, PK looks inside to reveal a backpack and an RPG(munition). Talks on the radio and leaves.
10h48m50s PK walks in with an ammo box and places it in the right side of the screen on top of the other. Gathers his bed and puts up a fan to blow on the UN flag, then leaves to bring in another two ammo boxes, one at a time.
13h33m06s PK walks in with the bottom half of a lava lamp. Sits down at the laptop. Brings out an m4 from behind the camera and proceeds to check its barrel. After looking at the laptop for a while he puts the m4 back together and hangs it on the wall near the top of the UN flag. Talks on the radio, then puts two radios in front of each other on the table and goes off camera. Places on of the radios back near the wall, puts away the lava lamp part and leaves.
16h44m47s PMC walks in with a wooden board and places it next to the UN flag against the wall. Talks on the radio for a while then leaves.
17h16m15s PK walks in notices the board, sits down and talks on the radio. After a while a guard walks in with a PMC. PK seems to be friendly with him. Asks him to pull up a chair. Offers him some alcohol but the PMC refuses. They discuss for a while, PK offers him some money. They seem to be negotiating. PMC takes the money and gives PK a paper which PK puts on the board upside down. It sais EZPRM upside down. PMC leaves, PK gets back on his laptop. Nothing notewhorty happens until the next timestamp.
17h26m37s A guard brings PK his lunch. He then proceeds to eat. After a bit the guard brings him his second course and puts it on the table. He keeps eating and looking at the laptop for a while.
17h51m16s A guard brings him some documents. PK examins them and puts a QR code up on the board. If scanned it reveals the second part of the code: CDEFT. The two codes put together, EZPRMCDEFT, if entered on EFT profile page activated a gift ingame with a FAL an M4 and some gear(it expired after a few minutes). PK continues eating.
18h03m01s A guard walks in with a backpack, PK puts it down behind his chair and takes out something looking like a phone charger which he seems to plug in behind the table. He continues to eat.
18h10m34s Guard comes in and takes out his leftovers. After a few minutes PK pulls out and inspects his pistol(1911). He continues to browse on the laptop.
18h15m00s He takes down the codes from the board and puts up a map of interchange in their place. Takes out a white object and examines it. It's toilet paper and he goes off camera, presumably to take a well deserved shit.
19h11m40s PK walks in with an almost used up roll of toilet paper, puts it down then leaves.
19h19m35s PK walks in with a cup and two helmets. One has nightvision attached, which he hangs on the wall. Puts the other one on the green crate. He brings out an AS VAL from off camera and proceeds to examine it. He then attaches a scope to it and replaces the m4 on the wall with the VAL. He then keeps wasting time on the phone.
19h36m50s PK sneezes then leaves.
20h26m20s PK comes back, shortly after a guard tells him he has visitors. A PMC walks in, they seem to be friends. PK pulls up a chair for him. PMC seems hurt. He puts his two guns on the table, one seems to be either a kedr or an mp9 and the other an aku. PMC gives him some loot(GPU, pistol case, and the top half of the lava lamp). PK pays him and pours him a cup of alcohol. They then discuss some documents and PMC proceeds to leave. A guard helps him out. PK gets out the bottom of the lava lamp and puts it together and places it in front of the interchange map. He seems really proud of it and takes a picture with his phone. After a few minutes a guard walks in, he seems really impressed by the lamp, then walks out. PK leaves after a few minutes.
21h52m10s The lights in the room start flickering. Soon PK walks in and starts scanning for something in the room. He seems to notice something off near the camera. But he doesnt quite notice it. The lights go out and he gets a flashlight out. An ARRS overlay comes up for a few mintues. Stream comes back to PK talking on the radio facing the camera. On of the guards suprises him while coming in. He seems mortally wounded and proceeds to sit down on the floor and pass out. Looks like he's dead. Another guard comes in and helps PK carry out the body. PK comes back shortly and looks around. He finds the cause of the blackout behind the table and fixes it. We get lights back. He gathers the dead guards gun from the floor. The other guard comes in and he seems upset about his dead friend. He tries taking one of PK's AKs from the gunrack to go and avenge his friend presumably. PK talks him out of it, and the guard leaves. PK gears up with the VAL and leaves.
22h11m35s PK comes back with a mosin and hangs it on the wall. And leaves again with the VAL.
22h19m35s PK comes in together with a guard. Places his VAL back on the table. Guard hands him an SVD and puts a silenced AK into the gunrack. They seem to share a moment for the dead guard with some alcohol and some chocolate. Guard leaves, PK gets out the SVD and displays it on the table. He leaves shortly after fucking around with his stash.
23h41m20s PK comes back and puts away his new SVD and sits down at the laptop.
23h46m48s A PMC and a scav walk in. PMC throws the scav out and brings a chair. They negotiate for a while and PK shows him some NVGs. The PMC however doesn't like it and wants the one hanging on the wall. He takes it down and tries unhooking it from the helmet but fails. PK hands him a picture of Killa and they discuss it while the PMC counts his money to pay for the helmet and NVG. PMC leaves and PK sits back at his laptop and starts fidgeting with his mags.
23h55m00s The scav walks in with his bag of junk. He pulls out some packs of cigarettes on the table. He seems really proud of his haul but he only gets like 2$ for them and leaves.
23h57m20s PK inspects the GPU and HDD and pistol case that a PMC brought him earlier. The pistol seems to be fucking filthy. He then smacks the ever living shit out of his lava lamp because it refuses to work properly. He starts inspecting documents and fucking with his mags again.
24h14m05s He brings out his M4 from earlier and places it in a gun bag, replacing what seems to be a silenced vityaz. He leaves with it after a few minutes.
24h31m55s PK comes back and places something off camera and sits down to fuck with his mags again.
24h37m00s Guard brings him some papers which he elaves on the table. It seems to be another QR code. PK walks around for a while checking out his hideout. Sits down, admires his VAL.
25h09m04s He puts up the QR code on the board, revealing it fully. When scanned it links to a document containing a number of beta keys.
25h15m15s PMC walks in with Killa helmet. It seems to be covered in crap. PK offers him the backpack from the green crate but the PMC doesn't take it. PK and PMC then discuss some documents and PMC leaves. PK puts backpack back in crate, but takes it back out after a while to display it. He then cleans the Killa helmet and displays it proudly on top of the crate. He walks around talking on the radio and leaves after a few minutes.
27h07m45s PK walks back in with groceries and starts eating a banana.
27h14m00s Scav walks in with a paddle. PK tells him to bring something useful next time like a mosin or an SVD because he can't do shit with a paddle. PK gives him an apple and tells him to get the fuck out.
27h20m20s PK prepares for bed, takes down the QR code and lies down.
27h28m40s PK gets woken up by the radio. He seems really frustrated about what they tell him. Few seconds later the Scav walks in with a hatchet. Looks like he killed a hatchling. PK gives him a grenade for it. Scav walks out happy with the grenade but really careless with it. PK gears up and leaves.
28h27m38s Some light flashes from outside.
28h28m52s A guy in a gasmask comes in and looks around.He looks surprised by the ammount of loot he found. Picks up the hatchet from the table and runs out.
32h47m45s PK walks in with the hatchet and the gasmask the previous guy was wearing. He turns the light back on and plays some inventory tetris with the stuff he brought in. He sits down at the laptop again. Puts some optics on his VAL then leaves again.
32h58m15s PK comes back and starts eating an Alyonka, shortly after a PMC joins him and brings a chair. He pulls out a map that seems to be customs and they discuss it. PMC leaves after a while.
33h08m00s PK lies down on the bed again, leaves at some point. (not sure if anyhting else happens here, i'm tired)
34h36m20s PK walks in and sits down.
34h38m10s Scav walks in and brings PK some food. Scav notices the customs map and they discuss it.PK then inspects the food and invites him to sit down and they share a can of tushonka. PK pays him and he leaves.
34h39m25s PK takes an AK from the gunrack and starts working on it.
35h54m15s He puts the AK back on the rack and takes the other one to start wokring on that one.
35h10m10s PK gets out the SVD and plays with it.
35h15m00s PK leaves
35h40m20s PK comes back with something that looks like a Vityaz and starts working on it.
35h49m10s He puts the gun away at the rack and plays with the RPG, then sits back down at the laptop for a while.
35h58m26s He gets an ammo box and examines the contents. It seems to contain various mods(silencer, scope), then leaves.
36h15m14s PK walks back in with breakfast and sits at the laptop.
36h27m35s PK gets up and puts the ammo crate back in its place
36h37m54s PMC walks in with a docs case, PK starts examining it. PK opens up the backpack from the table, takes out a smaller backpack from it. PMC offers a few bitcoin for the backpack. PK inspects the bitcoin but gives it back, and shows PMC a picture of a cat statue. He wants the cat for the backpack. PMC gets up and starts looking at PKs gunrack, discussing the price of his guns. The PMC settles on an M4 and pays PK. PK gives him a bag of croutins and a tushonka as bonus. PMC leaves and PK continues examining the docs case.
36h47m42s PK is looking at the documents which seem to be maps of some kind. He chose a dark picture and pinned it up on the board. I can't make out what it shows. He took the toilet paper and went off to shit again.
37h20m15s PK comes in and after a few minutes starts reading a magazine that has the scav from the game title screen as cover. After a while he puts it away. Continues looking at laptop and phone.
37h38m50s The Scav came back, brought PK a grenade and looked at the hatchet and a shovel in return. He took the shovel and PK have him a bonus apple. Scav is starting to grow on him. Scav left and after that so did PK.
37h50m35s PK comes back and continues with his idle animation(laptop + phone + radio)
38h06m30s PK got up and left
38h43m40s PK returned, shortly after the PMC came in. Brought a horse and tried to convince PK to accept it instead of the cat statue he asked for. PK gave him a pistol for it and the PMC limped out. PK continues idleing.
38h50m10s PK examines the horse statue and places it next to the Killa helmet
38h51m35s Someone dressed like a guard but without a mask comes in to talk to PK. Goes off camera and brings in another person dressed similarly. This person hands a sheet of paper to PK who examines it. The guy takes an AK from the gunrack and poses for PK. He puts the AK back and the two guests practice some takedown moves on eachother while listening to PKs instructions. PK gets out a can of TarCola in the meantime. He seems to be teaching them disarming techniques with pistols, then a knife. The two guys leave for a moment but one of them comes back and recieves some money from PK. PK starts idleing again.
39h06m15s PK takes the Killa mask, examines it and puts it back. Then takes out and eats some Alyonka.
39h15m25s The scav came in and started playing guitar for PK. Guard came in and threw him out.Shortly after, PK left as well.
39h50m15s PK came in with a goldenstar balm, cracked it open and gave it a good sniff, then left.
40h16m55s PK came back with a gravely wounded PMC who finally got him the cat statue. As a reward PK shows him a secure container that was in the backpack on the table, that is locked. There seems to be some disagreement between them and the PMC pulls out a grenade. PK threatens him with a pistol and a guard comes in to disarm the PMC.PK convinces the PMC to presumably go find a key for the secure container. After the PMC leaves PK examines the lock on the container and goes back to idleing.
40h24m05s PK starts fiddling with his surroundings, arranging his items.
40h26m55s He changes the case on his phone. After a minute he leaves.
40h30m10s PK walks back in with a PPSH briefly then leaves
40h50m35s PK came back to his laptop, Scav came in with a propane tank. While PK examines it the scav attempt to steal his cat statue, but PK sees him and he puts it back and leaves. PK left as well after a bit of idleing and came back with the PPSH again, examining and playing with it in front of the camera, then taking a peek inside the gun before putting it down on the gun rack and returning to his laptop. He leaves after a few minutes.
41h15m20s PK came back, idleing, eating Alyonka
41h20m35s Scav came back with a 1911 pistol. PK examines it and offers the Scav his choice of weapon form the gun rack. The scav picks the PPSH and hugs it. Before leaving PK hands him the rest of his Alyonka as well.
41h25m10s PK plays around with his shiny new 1911 and places his old one on the gun rack.
Ok, guys I need a break now so I won't be updating for a few hours. I'll try to catch up later. Thanks to visionaryBlender for filling in while i'm gone, you can find his contribution here
Thanks for the gold kind stranger :)
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Waves Smart Asset Applications: Whitelists, Blacklists and Interval Trading

In the two previous articles we discussed using smart accounts and smart assets for running auctions and creating customer loyalty programs , as well as facilitating transparency for financial instruments.
Today, we will look at some specific use cases for smart assets, including asset freezing and restricting transactions for certain addresses.
Smart assets allow Waves users to apply scripts to tokens in much the same way as they can apply scripts to smart accounts. Whenever a transaction for a smart asset is created, it is validated by the script before being confirmed by the blockchain.
Smart assets differ from smart accounts in the following ways:
In a smart asset’s code, proofs cannot be checked (as discussed in the first article) In a smart account’s code, an ExchangeTransaction can only be checked if your account is a matcher account. Otherwise, only an order can be checked. In a smart asset’s code, you cannot check an order, but you can check an ExchangeTransaction and, if necessary, extract an order from it. Unlike a smart account, a smart asset doesn’t have a state, but we still have access to account states from the script. Smart assets help to substantially simplify the process of writing contracts, making implementation of many use cases more concise and elegant.
Asset Freezing
To freeze assets until a certain block height, targetHeight, is reached, simply define this value in the following smart asset’s script:
let targetHeight = 1500000 height >= targetHeight height is a language function that returns the current height Using a certain matcher
To define a certain matcher, you can assign the matcher address as the sender value in the following smart asset’s script:
match tx { case t : ExchangeTransaction => t.sender == addressFromString("3PJaDyprvekvPXPuAtxrapacuDJopgJRaU3") case _ => true } Recipient whitelist
To allow transfer of tokens only to specific accounts — to create a “whitelist” — you can use a smart asset with the following script, which checks for the presence of an address on the list:
match tx { case t : TransferTransaction => let trustedRecipient1 = addressFromString("3P6ms9EotRX8JwSrebeTXYVnzpsGCrKWLv4") let trustedRecipient2 = addressFromString("3PLZcCJyYQnfWfzhKXRA4rteCQC9J1ewf5K") let trustedRecipient3 = addressFromString("3PHrS6VNPRtUD8MHkfkmELavL8JnGtSq5sx") t.recipient == trustedRecipient1 || t.recipient == trustedRecipient2 || t.recipient == trustedRecipient3 case _ => false } For purposes of security and provable completion of language, the list doesn’t complete implementation of the iterator. Therefore, it is defined as a set of specific elements.
Recipient blacklist
Similarly, to prohibit transfer of tokens to specific accounts, you can create a blacklist. Exactly the same smart asset script will be used, but it will check an address for absence from the blacklist:
match tx { case t : TransferTransaction => let bannedRecipient1 = addressFromString("3P6ms9EotRX8JwSrebeTXYVnzpsGCrKWLv4") let bannedRecipient2 = addressFromString("3PLZcCJyYQnfWfzhKXRA4rteCQC9J1ewf5K") let bannedRecipient3 = addressFromString("3PHrS6VNPRtUD8MHkfkmELavL8JnGtSq5sx") t.recipient != bannedRecipient1 && t.recipient != bannedRecipient2 && t.recipient != bannedRecipient3 case _ => false } Transferring by issuer permission
Using a smart asset, you can also add the option of transferring the smart asset only with its issuer’s permission (commitment/debt label). The issuer expresses their consent by placing the transaction’s ID in their account’s state:
match tx { case t : TransferTransaction => let issuer = extract(addressFromString("3P6ms9EotRX8JwSrebeTXYVnzpsGCrKWLv4"))

checking that the issuer's state contains the current transaction's ID

isDefined(getInteger(issuer, toBase58String( case _ => false } Asset tradable only against a certain currency
A smart asset can allow trading solely against specific coins. For instance, to ensure the smart asset trades only with bitcoin, the following code can be used:
let BTCId = base58'8LQW8f7P5d5PZM7GtZEBgaqRPGSzS3DfPuiXrURJ4AJS' match tx { case t : ExchangeTransaction => t.sellOrder.assetPair.priceAsset == BTCId || t.sellOrder.assetPair.amountAsset == BTCId case _ => true } Trading with prices from an oracle
In a smart asset’s script, you can set permission for trading only at a price fixed in the trusted oracle’s state:
let oracle = Address(base58'3PLNmokt22NrSiNvCLvwMUP84LCMJqbXwAD') let assetId = toBase58String(base58'oWgJN6YGZFtZrV8BWQ1PGktZikgg7jzGmtm16Ktyvjd') match tx {

prohibiting the transfer of the asset

case t: TransferTransaction | MassTransferTransaction => false case e: ExchangeTransaction =>

checking that trading is at the price fixed in the oracle's state for this asset

let correctPrice = e.price == extract(getInteger(oracle, assetId))

checking that the trading is in exchange for WAVES

let correctPriceAsset = !isDefined(e.sellOrder.assetPair.priceAsset) correctPrice && correctPriceAsset case _ => true } Here, we face a special situation while checking the ID of the asset against which our smart asset trades. If the asset’s ID is not defined, it is WAVES by default. In the script, we check that trading is to be against WAVES.
Fixed price raise
You can set a fixed price for a smart asset, which can be raised in steps by a specific proportion. This is an example of a script for a smart asset traded with a fixed price that is raised by 5% every 1,000 blocks:
let startPrice = 10 let startHeight = 1000 let interval = 1000

by what percentage the price is increased in one step

let raise = 5 match tx { case t: TransferTransaction | MassTransferTransaction => false case e: ExchangeTransaction => e.price == startPrice + ((height - startHeight) / interval) * (100 + raise) / 100 && !isDefined(e.sellOrder.assetPair.priceAsset) case _ => true } Interval trading
A script can also be applied to allow trading of a smart asset that is limited to a predetermined time frame. This is an example of such a script:
let startHeight = 10000 let interval = 44000 let limit = 1500 match tx { case t: TransferTransaction | MassTransferTransaction | ExchangeTransaction => (height - startHeight) % interval < limit case _ => true } In the script, we check that no more than “limit” of intervals has elapsed since the start of trading (startHeight). The interval length equals the number of blocks defined in the interval field.
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BitcoinManager - YouTube Bitcoin Trading Bots Test und Erfahrungen (Bitcoin Profit ... Why You Can't Buy Dasani Water in Britain - YouTube Horst Lichter Bitcoin Era Voici comment être un dieu au lit avec seulement le citron ...

Der BitCoin Miner-Virus oder der BitCoin Mining-Virus ist eine gefährliche Malware, die möglicherweise Ihre CPU und / oder GPU verwendet, um die BitCoin-Kryptowährung durch illegales Mining abzurufen. Cryptocurrency Miner greifen immer wieder auf Computer zu und versuchen, mit ihren Ressourcen Einnahmen für ihre Entwickler zu generieren. Obwohl diese Art der Infektion BitCoinMiner heißt ... Binance cryptocurrency exchange - We operate the worlds biggest bitcoin exchange and altcoin crypto exchange in the world by volume Jetzt kommt die ganze Wahrheit ans Licht! „Bares für Rares“-Star Horst Lichter meldet sich auf Facebook zu Wort. Und überrascht sicher einige Fans. Denn der ZDF-Moderator macht dort eine ... BitCoin miner virus or BitCoin mining virus is a dangerous malware that may use your CPU and/or GPU to obtain BitCoin cryptocurrency by mining illegally. Cryptocurrency miners keep hitting computers and trying to use their resources to generate revenue for their developers. Even though this type of infection is called BitCoinMiner, it does mine for digital currencies such as Monero ... Horst Lichter und die Bitcoin-Falle: Was hinter der miesen Masche steckt . zur Bildergalerie. Horst Lichter räumte mit „Bares für Rares“ beim Deutschen Fernsehpreis 2019 ab (© Getty Images ...

[index] [11313] [35017] [17392] [50943] [46291] [31791] [19618] [9547] [1677] [38782]

BitcoinManager - YouTube

This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue Meine Kollegen hielten mich alle fur verruckt, als ich die Firma verlie?, um mit der Bitcoin Era Software Vollzeit zu gehen. 38.459 Euro Gewinn spater, sind alle meine Kollegen mich am ANFLEHEN ... Voici comment être un dieu au lit avec seulement le citron I Colgate Discord Token Stealer / Account Grabber [Login, disable 2Auth, Password Change] - Duration: 2 minutes, 39 seconds. Mittlerweile gibt es immer mehr zwielichtige Unternehmen, die Bitcoin Trading Roboter anbieten. Wir haben uns den Markt einmal angeschaut wie Nutzer dort abg...