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Best Bitcoin Mixer Reddit. Looking for the Best Bitcoin Mixer? Try Grams Helix Mixer http://grams7s5lhi3zidl.onion/ on Tor or Grams Helix has over 1000 users and 10,000+ BTC mixed. When you send bitcoin to Helix you will receive freshly mined Bitcoin in return.

Mixing, Tumbling & Anonymizing Crytopcoin transactions

anonymization and privatization of cryptotokens

Bitcoin Mixer Reddit Official Channel

Bitcoin Mixer Reddit Official Channel

Bitcoin Mixer Tumbler
Official Bitcoin Mixer Tumbler Link:
Minimum Amount to Mix: BTC0.01Service fee: 1-5%
Main Advantages
  1. We guarantee that you will receive fresh coins. That is why our commission range is 1-5%. Providing untraceable coins requires complicated process than simple CoinJoin Mixing.
  2. High Volume: clean coins added to mixer’s reserve on a daily basis.
  3. Fast mixing process: our tumbler using the best miner fees to provide fast mixing.
How Bitcoin Mixer Works
Our Bitcoin Mixer is easy to use. It requires only 3 simple steps.
1) Input Your Withdrawal Bitcoin Address
Before you can successfully mix your coins, you need to provide the Bitcoin address from which your coins will be taken. This address therefore serves as the sending address which allows our mixer to add your coins to the pool.
2) Send Your Original Bitcoins to the Mixer Address
After inputting your withdrawal Bitcoin address, select the amount of BTC you intend to mix. Note that the minimum BTC you can mix is 0.01BTC. To get your coins into the mixer, you need to send them to the mixer address where they will ultimately be verified and considered valid for mixing.
3) Receive Clean and Untraceable Bitcoins
The final stage of the mixing process is when you receive your clean coins. We make it a priority to notify users as soon as their coins join the pool and when their coins are in their delivery address.Our mixing service always holds untraceable Bitcoins so you can rest assured that you’re covered anytime.
Why Choose
1) No Logs
Your anonymity is our priority. Our privacy policies are designed to shield your identity. Besides, we delete your transaction history 24 hours after your order has been successfully executed.
2) Untraceable mixing
Our mixer cannot be listed by blockchain analysis or other forms of research. As a result, all your coins are protected and untraceable.
3) Secured SSL connection
All our servers are impenetrable and are placed in unique data centers which allow us to stay immune to attacks.
4) Low fees
Our service fees range from 2%-5% and you can enjoy other discounts which apply with a regular use of our service.
5) TOR-friendly
We operate a TOR website which adequately encrypts all your transactions and location so that none of your information goes out there.
6) No Registration
Our mixing service has no need for any personal data or private information. Thus, you don’t have to create an account to mix your coins with us.
Regards,Cryptocurrency Mixer(Tumbler) made in respect of Personal Privacy.
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Bitcoin Blender: Bitcoin Mixer from Reddit community

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[ Bitcoin ] Anonymity of Bitcoin by mixing

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Anonymity of Bitcoin
If you think Bitcoin is an anonymous cryptocurrency… you are totally wrong. Despite the high level of anonymity of Bitcoin, you should understand that thanks to the blockchain technology, the use of crypto currency is also fairly transparent. Knowing where you expect the payment, or from which address you make it, outsiders can easily track the movement of your funds.
Many e-currency exchange points and crypto-exchange exchanges often require the verification of your identity, which will ultimately make your personal data public in varying degrees. Some people using Bitcoin are looking to get a real privacy and this is where bitcoin mixing service websites are useful.
What is Bitcoin Mixing?
Bitcoin tumbling, also referred to as Bitcoin mixing or Bitcoin laundering, is the process of using a third party service to break the connection between a Bitcoin sending address and the receiving address(es).
In other words, coin mixing services take your cash and give you new cash to your secret identity so that it remains secret.
It’s important that they be trusted. There’s no authority or government you can complain to if they run off with your coins. So if you like privacy and also want to protect your cryptocurrency from government tracking or tracing, Bitcoin mixer services are a good option.
Let’s look at the best services of Bitcoin mixing:
UltraMixer using the mixing of multiple Bitcoin addresses. Our system works quickly and with a small commission – only after the transfer and receipt of funds to the final address. Of course, all of the data about your transaction will be irretrievably deleted.

Coinmixer is one of the best bitcoin mixers on both the clearnet and the dark web. Having multiple privacy features from random delays to optional multiple output addresses. They offer a signed letter of guarantee with every transaction, that may be used for tax purposes, or proof of receipt in the event your bitcoins are lost or stolen.
One of the oldest and most reliable services. BitMixer offers a unique service with a high degree of confidentiality, which will ensure the anonymity of your payments. This service is designed to be as intuitive as possible. The whole process of bitcoin anonymization should not take more than a few minutes.
Many people compare mixing services like ChipMixer to banking services in countries like Panama, the Cayman Islands, and the Bahamas. Every day, people move their fiat currencies through banks in these countries because they have stricter secrecy laws. ChipMixer works in a similar way.
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10-12 08:55 - 'Your usual tools like tor, vpns (not to be used together), and portable boots like tails all on public wifi. Yadda yadda, you know. / But then there's things like no reusing conjoined wallets, mixing funds in and...' by /u/ProbPatrickWarburton removed from /r/Bitcoin within 399-409min

Your usual tools like tor, vpns (not to be used together), and portable boots like tails all on public wifi. Yadda yadda, you know.
But then there's things like no reusing conjoined wallets, mixing funds in and out and all throughout each transaction, and worrying about source of funds and how tainted they've become and that you're mixing your not so illicit comparatively funds with. Not to mention that mixers are being reverse mixed and traced as each day goes, because the more people that slip up takes away from your anon-set...
Dude there's just so much not gonna lie lol. And I'm far from the person with all the answers to this stuff... I know just enough to make sure that my personal rights to privacy are secured. I know that using Monero simplifies the more stressing part of it by not making me worry about abstract kyc and all stuff that will only get more stringent. Like let's say 5 years from now if the dude from Craigslist that bought my car last week got caught selling heroin. And they suspect he's been laundering money. So in the name of civil asset forfeiture, you have to return that amount to the state until you can prove a number of absurd things. With an opaque blockchain, those scenarios will basically just never happen...
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Regulatory Dialogue (and complaints/protests)

Every once in a while I subject myself to reddit and try to post something on here. I think namely that one of the major issues is that reddit just doesn't have an advanced community. The lawyers and finance people are all on crypto twitter. But for the small handful of people who are business savvy here I will at least try to make a point in the interest of overall views and exposure.

Basically everything I chicken littled about on reddit last summer has come true. I made a lot of claims and told people that the Banking Secrecy Act and FATFA would be incredibly terrible. And the reality is I wasn't chicken littling.
I understand the laws and am good at legal research. And all the crypto lawyers will say what I have said. We are largely fucked. Unless we really mass protest and complain at the CFTC and SEC and members of congress, we are going to get bent over a barrel. Wallstreet likes excluding retail, they don't want competition from 'the poors' let's be fucking real, they don't want retail involved because they are making too much money backdoor. It is they who are allowing this, and allowing the US citizen to be excluded from 95% of the crypto ecosystem and subjected to .5% fees on coinbase.

They are already laying the groundwork to go after DEFI developers all over the world extrajudicially and will. There is virtually nothing anyone can do to stop FATF and the DoJ persecuting anyone with an admin key to any smart contract ANY where in the world. They do not fucking care about borders or sovereignty. This is america, we drone strike weddings.
If you have a business, if you are a trader, or any person educated and trained enough in legal and finance to have skin in the game and you aren;t just a reddit 12 year old person hurling insults because you don't have a penny to your name, you need, we need, to heavily heavily involve ourselves in regulator dialouge with the CFTC and SEC.
If non institutional entrepreneur and citizen in America do not start actively pressuring and speaking with the CFTC and SEC we are potentially going to be persona non grata in much of the world for crypto. Especially the CFTC. The obsession that retail has with the SEC is deeply misleading. It is the CFTC that has pushed most of the exclusion. Even if you do not trade derivatives, it will be cited as a reason for why you are being denied services, that is just the reality of the situation.

Moreover, I still believe that they are going to create a parrallel system of white listed and black listed bitcoins, and backdoor wallets and hardware wallets with KYC in the 39 FATF member country. I believe that at least 50 to 70% of the BTC supply is going to be taken out of these FATF countries through blacklisting. They will simply stop letting you cash out non white listed coin with chain analysis proof of history on FATF/G20 countries. Monero won't work, your mixers won't work. If you don't have a chain of custody you will be flagged, and they won't let you withdraw to a "wild" wallet.

They'll find a way to make sure that if you live in those 40 to 50 countries that you will not be able to spend a fucking penny of anonymous crypto, unless it is all under the table between merchants, who of course will be thrown in pentitentiary for violating the BSA as a VASP.
Grown ass adults want to do business, this lowest common denominator shit on reddit and hodl and Defi pie in the sky catch me if you can john mcafee arthur hayes shit is coming to an end-- so either get with the program and get congress to pass things like the Security Clarity Act and Digital Commodity Exchange Act, or get left out and banned from everything.
The rich in america get want they want. They will force this on the world and trade bitcoin on hedgefunds like treasury notes and default credit swaps between the rich without it ever seeing the light of day beyond coinbase, and it'll essentially be a speculative hedge for the mega wealthy, unless the public puts an extreme amount of pressure on US regulators. And frankly everyone outside of the US should put the pressure on US regulators, let's be fucking real people, US regulations on finance are GLOBAL regulations.
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0xMonero, summary of findings

Edit: There was prior work by Artemiscult I didn't know about from a month ago!
Hi, this is a summary of my findings on 0xMonero, which claims to be "a mineable privacy focused project".
The contract was deployed on April 18th of this year, verified on Etherscan the same day, announced on Twitter soon after. It was announced on Bitcoin Talk about ten days later. 0xMonero's contract is an uncredited rip of 0xBitcoin's with only very small changes. The mining software recommended by 0xMonero was written for 0xBitcoin. There are two other more modern miners written for 0xBitcoin, but up until recently, they have only supported pool mining, not solo. My suspicion for why 0xMonero recommends the older miner is that they don't have anyone competent to run a mining pool.
Here's 0xMonero's stats page, and here's 0xBitcoin's. Look familiar? 0x1d00ffff wrote that page for 0xBitcoin about a month after the 0xBitcoin project started in February 2018. Here's the initial commit, and here are the changes 0xMonero made. When 0xMonero ripped it, at least they left the author's Etherscan link at the bottom.
Here's 0xMonero's official GitHub. As of now, there are 20 repos, but they are all forks, zero original repos. I've been told that 0xMonero has ten developers. When I asked to see their GitHub accounts, I was told that they were all too concerned with privacy. That doesn't make sense to me, since I've been doing anonymous development under various identities for years. Here's the account associated with my work for 0xBitcoin, and here's another project I work on with other anonymous developers.
Why does 0xMonero make reference to Monero? I don't know. As far as I can tell, 0xMonero has nothing to do with Monero. I can say with certainty that since 0xMonero's contract is an almost identical copy of 0xBitcoin's, and 0xBitcoin deliberately did not include privacy features, there are no privacy features in the 0xMonero contract. They would have to be elsewhere. But as far as I know, there is no other code to look at.
Here's a piece-by-piece analysis of the claims on 0xMonero's site:
Here's a thread started by DigitalInvestments2 who claims to be a top holder of 0xMonero. In that thread, I asked many direct questions, and was not able to receive any clarification or substantiation of any aspect of what 0xMonero says they are working on.
When I couldn't get answers in that thread, I reached out twice to the official 0xMonero Twitter account asking them to start a thread where it would be possible to get answers. I got blocked. At the same time, I was blocked by another related Twitter account. Here's that account lying about 0xMonero's (nonexistent) privacy features.
I started talking about this stuff on 0xMonero's Bitcoin Talk thread about a week ago. I have been unable to get any answers there, either. But someone in that thread reported me. For what, I don't know.
I think that's it for what I know about 0xMonero at the moment. Please let me know what you think. Thanks.
Edit: Here's that related Twitter account lying about 0xMonero's nonexistent privacy features again.
Edit: lying about 0xMonero's nonexistent privacy features again, and AGAIN. Suggesting to people that 0xMonero is somehow private is dangerous.
Edit: ... lying about privacy again.
Edit: agreement about 0xMonero most likely being a complete scam from a second source:
Edit: lying about privacy again. Noticing a trend with 0xMonero and lying?
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What’s the Best Crypto mixer & that is reliable?
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Take care of your privacy before it's too late

There are different roles in pro-democracy movements. Some people are brave frontliners, others are organizers, nurses, etc. If you're reading this post in English, chances are that you're tech-savvy enough to follow the guidelines and recommendations listed below.
Ukraine's relatively quick Maidan scenario is very unlikely in Belarus, so be prepared that the pro-democracy movement can take many months or even years, thus you should take care of your privacy from the start. That will allow you to participate in the movement for a long time. The Internet connection is currently unreliable in your country, but keep in mind that it will eventually come back to normal. However, dictator's gang might find you in the future because of mistakes that you made today. Be mindful.
I've been closely following the HK pro-democracy movement for over a year and wrote a few articles about the Digital Resistance there, so I've decided to share with you some privacy and security tips from HK. You can also translate these tips into your language and distribute among other tech-savvy activists who don't speak English.
Disclaimer: I don’t call for any protests, and I condemn violence. The information in this post is strictly for educational purpose.
HK OpSec is very complex, but most regular activists are pretty safe with the following simple practices.
Note: secondary phones are usually used with the same strict safety measures as the primary phones, otherwise they will stand out because they are linked only between members of a group. Some HK activists use walkie-talkies instead of phones to communicate on the ground.
Telegram is the most popular messaging app among HK activists. However, keep in mind that Telegram is not the most privacy-oriented app because it requires a valid phone number to receive an activation code (as well as Signal). The reason for Telegram to be so popular is channels and group chats, which are essential during massive protests in HK. Additionally, anonymous surveys in group chats is a great way to anonymously vote right on the spot for different decisions such as whether activists should stay or disperse.
Here are some tips for those who use Telegram:
Internet blackout
Bridgefy is a very useful app in case of the Internet blackout. However, Bridgefy requires a phone number for registration and it has temporary dropped encryption, so it’s only being used when there is no Internet connection.
If you're reading this message not from Reddit, where it was originally posted, then you can also check out a dedicated guide on how to bypass an Internet blackout from belarus (in Russian).
More advanced privacy and security tools and tips from Hong Kong activists can be found in this medium article and on this github page.
Stay safe.
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Is it worth to use a mixer if sender knows me? I’ll have a new wallet and my BTC will come from one person, who would be buying it first
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Let's brainstorm some project ideas for the developer competition!

I'm not a developer, but I'm still excited by the recently announced $75,000 hackathon, so let's try to think of some project ideas for the developers among us :)
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Wasabi vs JoinMarket

Hello everyone.
On Wasabi's main page, ( at the very bottom, they also recommend JoinMarket, and describe it as, "... a sound privacy enhancing concept that has a production ready implementation."
I have only found one other reddit post on the comparison between Wasabi and JoinMarket, and honestly, it doesn't offer much information, at least not enough to make a solid educated decision.
I have also read nopara's medium article, ( but there is only one short paragraph dedicated to JoinMarket, and the differences between the two mixers are not discussed in detail. No Offense nopara is you are reading this. I value your work way too much to want to appear snobbish or unappreciative. The quest for knowledge and ultimate application of that knowledge is what drives me here.
Can someone point me towards a thorough comparison between the two? Wasabi vs JoinMarket? If it does exist? I am envisioning a google spreadsheet with lots of tabs.. but maybe that's a pipedream.

Thanks all.
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Fix your mixer.
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Fifty Years of Cypherpunk: History, Personalities, And Spread of its ideas

In this review, we tell how the ideas of cypherpunk were born, how they influenced cryptocurrencies, and modern technologies, who formed the basis and why its popularity these days has grown again.

From the early days to today: the chronology of key events of the cypherpunk

In the early 1970s, James Ellis of the UK Government Communications Center put forward the concept of public-key cryptography. In the early 1980s, small groups of hackers, mathematicians and cryptographers began working on the realization of this idea. One of them was an American cryptographer, Ph.D. David Chaum, who is sometimes called the godfather of cypherpunk. This new culture has proclaimed computer technology as a means of destroying state power and centralized management systems.Key figure among the cypherpunk of the 80s — Intel specialist Timothy C. May. His dream was to create a global system that allows anonymous exchange of information. He created the concept of the BlackNet system. In September 1988, May wrote The Crypto-Anarchist Manifesto: people themselves, without politicians, manage their lives, use cryptography, use digital currencies, and other decentralized tools.In 1989, David Chaum founded DigiCash an eCash digital money system with its CyberBucks and with the blind digital signature technology.Since 1992, Timothy May, John Gilmore (Electronic Frontier Foundation), and Eric Hughes (University of California) have begun holding secret meetings and regular PGP-encrypted mailing through anonymous remailer servers. And finally, in 1993 Eric Hughes published a fundamental document of the movement — А Cypherpunk's Manifesto. The importance of confidentiality, anonymous transactions, cryptographic protection — all these ideas were subsequently implemented in cryptocurrencies.The term "cypherpunk" was first used by hacker and programmer Jude Milhon to a group of crypto-anarchists.In 1995, Julian Assange, the creator of WikiLeaks, published his first post in cypherpunk mailing.In 1996, John Young and Deborah Natsios created the Cryptome, which published data related to security, privacy, freedom, cryptography. It is here that subsequently will be published data from the famous Edward Snowden.In 1997, cryptographer Dr. Adam Back (you know him as CEO of Blockstream) created Hashcash, a distributed anti-spam mechanism.In 1998, computer engineer Wei Dai published two concepts for creating a b-money digital payment system:
In April 2001, Bram Cohen developed the BitTorrent protocol and application.In 2002, Paul Syverson, Roger Dingledine and Nick Mathewson presented the alpha version of the anonymity network named TOR Project.In 2004, cypherpunk Hal Finney created the Reusable Proof of Work (RPoW) algorithm. It was based on Adam Back's Hashcash but its drawback was centralization.In 2005, cryptographer Nick Szabo, who developed the concept of smart contracts in the 1990s, announced the creation of Bit Gold — a digital collectible and investment item.In October 2008, legendary Satoshi Nakamoto created the manifesto “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System”, which refers to the works of the cypherpunk classics Adam Back and Wei Dai.In 2011, Ross William Ulbricht aka Dread Pirate Roberts created the Silk Road, the first major market for illegal goods and services on the darknet.In 2016, Julian Assange released the book "Cypherpunks: Freedom and the future of the Internet."At the beginning of 2018, Pavel Durov, the creator of Telegram, announced the launch of the TON multi-blockchain platform and mentioned his plans to launch TON ICO.In 2019, the Tor Project‌ introduced an open anti-censorship group.

Cypherpunk 2020

Plenty of services, products, and technologies were inspired by cypherpunk: Cryptocurrencies, HD (Hierarchical Deterministic) crypto wallets, Coin Mixers, ECDHM addresses, Privacy Coins. The ideas of distribution and anonymity were also implemented in the torrents and VPN. You can see the embodiment of cybersecurity ideas in the electronic signatures and protected messengers (Telegram, Signal, and many others).Why there were so many talks about cypherpunk this spring? In April 2020, Reddit users suggested that the letter from the famous cypherpunks mailing dated September 19, 1999, was written by Satoshi Nakamoto himself (or someone close to him). This letter is about the functioning of ecash. Anonymous (supposed Satoshi) talks about the "public double-spending database" and Wei Dai's b-money as a possible foundation for ecash.In addition, researchers of the mystery "Who is Satoshi Nakamoto?" periodically make some noise and discover the next "secret" about one or another legendary cypherpunks. So, in May 2020, Adam Back wrote in response to videos and new hype discussions that, despite some coincidences, he is not Satoshi.Other heroes of the scene are not idle too: in April 2020, David Chaum received $9.7 million during the presale of the confidential coin xx, created to encourage venture investors.


As you can see from the Satoshi Nakamoto's mentions and from the stories of DigiCash, Hashcash, RPoW, Bit Gold, the movement of cypherpunk influenced a lot the emergence of cryptocurrencies. As governments and corporations restrict freedom and interfere with confidentiality, cypherpunk ideas will periodically rise in popularity. And this confrontation will not end in the coming decades.
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Why Is Bitcoin is Pumping? BE CAREFUL! How to diagnose and remove a bitcoin miner trojan - YouTube Adam S. Tracy on the Legality of Cryptocurrency Mixers ... #DarkWeb - Bitcoin Mixer - YouTube Video #11 - Bitcoin Tumblers and How to Use Them

We performed our own research using Google, Bitcointalk, Reddit, and other communities this bitcoin mixer review we have tried to cover the most popular services. Please notice! Use bitcoin mixers at your own risk! Mixing cryptocurrency can lead to legal consequences as well as losing your cryptocurrency. BE AWARE THAT ANY INFORMATION AND SERVICE OFFERS YOU MAY FIND ON THESE SITES MAY BE ... BITCOIN MIXER Vollautomatisch. Bitcoin Mixing Service ist voll automatisiert und funktioniert ohne menschliche Hilfe. Wenn der Mixer seine Arbeit beendet, entfernt er einfach alle zugehörigen Informationen. WIE BITCOIN TUMBLER FUNKTIONIERT. Partnerprogramm Wir teilen bis zu 50-65% unserer Provision von jedem Partner-Partner. Alle Auszahlungen erfolgen sofort. Ihre Bitcoin-Adresse für die ... In addition to the basic functionality of a bitcoin mixer, SmartMix offers a lot of extras, including: Accepts BTC and BCH Whatever your preferred currency, SmartMix has you covered. Referral Program Share your anonymous referral link and earn crypto rewards! For every mix completed with your link, you collect 50% of the service fee. Loyalty Rewards Use your anonymous SmartClub code every time ... Bitcoin Mixer (Bitcoin Tumbler) is a very impressive service if you want to maintain your anonymity when you make purchases online. It can also be useful if you want to do p2p payments and donations. The service is used to mix a person’s funds and give this person some fresh bitcoins. The focus here is on making sure that the blender has the ability to confuse the trail as somebody could try ... Bitcoin is a distributed, worldwide, decentralized digital money. Bitcoins are issued and managed without any central authority whatsoever: there is no government, company, or bank in charge of Bitcoin. You might be interested in Bitcoin if you like cryptography, distributed peer-to-peer systems, or economics. A large percentage of Bitcoin ...

[index] [14061] [39804] [14247] [32812] [14792] [22455] [15360] [40586] [39853] [29061]

Why Is Bitcoin is Pumping? BE CAREFUL!

Eugene & Samantha –Providing news, insight, and commentary on the cryptocurrency space Follow Us @ Skip navigation Sign in. Search BE CAREFUL!!! - Why Bitcoin is Pumping In Today's Bitcoin Video I will be taking a look at some simple explanations for Bitcoins price today, a word of caution surrounding how to approach BTC, and ... Blockchain expert Adam Tracy talks about the role of cryptocurrency mixers in the crypto space and the legal issues faced by crypto mixer operators. -- A for... How to mix Bitcoin with Coinmixer 2019 (also know as Bitcoin Tumbler, Bitcoin laundry). The mainstream narrative that Bitcoins transactions are anonymous are deceiving and hurtful to individuals ...